About Us

Hi, I’m Kirutika. I’m twenty-six years old and from India!. I am working as a software professional in a well-reputed Multi-National Company. I love everything related to skincare, haircare, and makeup, and I tend to talk about it a lot. I used to research a lot of drugstore products and natural products to cure almost all problems. So, I decided to write a blog regarding my researches.

Here I share my opinion about products, my thoughts about various ingredients, many tips I follow to achieve glowing skin and hair. I love to write about natural remedies for skin and hair care, simple DIYs, Tips, and trends in the makeup and skincare community. I also share my researches about our gifts from nature and how we can use them for our fitness and a healthier lifestyle. Hope this information helps you!!! If you wish to collaborate with us, send me an email at kirutikavijai@gmail.com

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