Castor oil Uses and Benefits

castor oil

Castor oil is a kind of vegetable oil, is extracted from castor beans. Castor oil is pale yellow and very thick. It has a strong odor. Castor is rich in fatty acids and minerals. Due to its benefits, castor oil has numerous skin and hair related uses and benefits. Here are a few Castor oil uses and benefits:

  1. Good Moisturizer
  2. Boost your hair growth with castor oil
  3. Castor oil as an oil cleanser
  4. Castor oil for thick brows and eye-lashes
  5. Cure dark-circles
  6. Castor oil on Navel button
  7. Best cuticle oil
  8. A Good remedy for Hyperpigmentation
  9. Powerful-laxative
  10. Homemade hair growth cream

Good Moisturizer :

Though Castor oil is thick in consistency, it acts as a thick moisturizer. Apply castor oil on dry and patchy skin regularly to moisturize and maintain skin health. Consistent use of castor oil can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Boost your hair growth with castor oil :

Castor oil is rich in omega fatty acids and Vitamin E. Castor has numerous uses when it comes to hair. This moisturizes the scalp and rapids the hair growth rate. Using castor oil mixed with olive or coconut oil in a 1:3 ratio regularly can help the hair to grow. People who suffer from cold and sinusitis should avoid using this oil for a longer time.

Castor oil as an Oil Cleanser :

Castor oil can be used as a good oil cleanser to remove makeup. It moisturizes the skin and melts and removes the makeup from the skin very well.

Castor oil for thick brows and eye-lashes :

To grow eyelashes and eyebrows, regularly apply castor oil on the brows and eye-lashes before sleep. This helps to grow hair thicker and gives healthy-looking skin.

Cure dark-circles :

Massage castor oil on the eyes using a ring finger for 5 minutes daily before sleep. This can moisturize the tissues around the eyes and helps to reduce the heat on the eyes. Regular use of castor oil also helps to cool down the stressed eyes due to prolonged use of systems and mobile phones.

Dropping a few drops of castor oil on the navel button and rubbing them around the navel button area for about 5 – 10 minutes daily can help to moisturize our body. This also stimulates hair growth and helps to reduce the overall body temperature.

Best cuticle oil :

Castor oil can be massaged to the nail cuticles for both hands and legs. This also helps to grow nails strong and brittle. Do this twice a week and have the same routine.

A Good remedy for Hyperpigmentation :

Castor oil can be used as a spot treatment for pigmentation, Apply a few drops of castor oil on the affected area and leave overnight for best results. Pigmentation caused due to sun exposure, dryness and hormonal imbalances can be reduced with castor oil.

Powerful-laxative :

Castor oil can be a powerful laxative. Drink warm water mixed with few drops of castor oil can help with constipation. Use this remedy occasionally to get rid of constipation.

Homemade hair growth cream :

Use castor oil-based hair growth cream to boost hair growth and to add shine to hair. Mix Castor oil, almond oil, aloe vera gel, and rose water to thick cream-like paste. Use this as a homemade hair cream for hair and get maximum benefits out of the castor oil.

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