7 Best oils for Long and Thicker Hair

7 best oils for long and thicker hair

Long and Thick hair is always a daydream for many girls. But they often fail to follow certain steps to take care of their hair. Firstly, Oiling is a very old tradition in the southern part of Asia. Secondly, Oiling hair is now becoming a very big boon in hair care. Though, People who hate oiling and its stickiness are now turned to include oiling in their hair care routine. Here I have listed the 7 best oils for longer and thicker hair and their benefits.

Benefits of Oiling :

The main purpose of oiling is to moisturize the scalp and hair strands. Our hair naturally secrets oils from the roots of the hair. This moisturizes the scalp and keeps the hair roots and strands hydrated. But in this modern technology and life race, these natural oil secretion is low for many people. This, in turn, makes the scalp dry and breaks the hair. The use of chemicals such as shampoo contains sulfate, hair creams contain parabens, and serums also contribute to hair loss. Sulfate containing shampoo strips of the natural oils in the scalp further dries the scalp. Oiling scalp and hair balances the lost moisture and nourishes the overall health of the hair.

Good Hair oil :

These mentioned oils are best effective if they are cold-pressed and virgin. All the oils are carrier oil and we can use them directly on the scalp and hair. Good hair oil should moisturize scalp and hair, stimulate hair growth, should keep scalp and hair hydrated, makes hair soft and manageable, and lustrous.

Know your hair type :

Different hair oils are available in the market. But we have to know which hair suits us best and helps to achieve or dream hair. To select suitable hair oil, first, we need to know the hair type. Please refer to this link to find your hair type.

If your hair is too thin, lighter oils such as jojoba, coconut oil can be used. If the hair texture is coarse and thick, then you need to use thicker oil such as sesame oil, castor oil, and olive oil. Please make sure the oil we use is free from a mix of mineral oil, hexane and it is cold-pressed. Here, I have listed the 7 best oils for longer and thicker hair and different ways to use them to have effective benefits out of it.

Hair Type Dry scalp and dry hairOily scalp and dry hairOily scalp & Oil hair
Thin hairCoconut oil, Almond oilCoconut/ Argan oil for scalp and Almond/Castor oil for hairCoconut oil & Argan oil
Thick and Dense hairSesame oil & Castor oilSesame/Coconut oil for scalp and Olive/Almond oil for hairCoconut oil & Olive oil
Hair Types and Recommended hair oils
  1. Coconut oil
  2. Sesame oil
  3. Almond oil
  4. Olive oil
  5. Castor oil
  6. Mustard oil
  7. Argan oil

Let’s have the 7 best oils for longer and thicker hair and their benefits one by one.

1. Coconut oil :

Coconut oil is a miracle medicine for hair conditioning and growth. This oil can reduce the hair’s protein loss and frizziness. It acts as an excellent moisturizer and light in texture. The main advantage of using this oil is its light consistency and non-stickiness. Coconut oil, unless other heavy oils can be used as a leave-in conditioner. This oil is suitable for almost all hair types.

2. Sesame oil :

Using sesame oil and having a hot oil conditioning bath is a traditional practice in parts of South Asia. Sesame oil can bring the natural oils from the body and makes the scalp softer and moiturizes the scalp better. This is rich in Vitamin D, acts as an excellent sunscreen, and also helps the sun-damaged hair. When sesame oil is used to have a hot oil bath, it moisturizes the scalp, hair strands and reduces the breakage of the hair. Sesame oil is also good for the black color pigment of the hair. Regular use of sesame oil from childhood will definitely postpone the greying of hair color.

3. Almond oil :

Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E mainly nourishes the hair and keeps the split ends and tame frizzy hair problems away if used regularly. Cold-pressed natural almond oil lighter inconsistency which can be used by thin-haired beauties. A Sweet pressed variant of almond oil needs to use for better results.

4. Olive oil :

Olive oil softens and nourishes dry and coarse hair. When used regularly can increase the softness of curly hair and makes hair manageable and bouncy as ever before. This oil also helps to reduce scalp irritation and also helps in reducing dandruff from the scalp. Regular use of olive oil and then combine with a closely toothed comb can bring lice and tits out of the hair. Few drops of olive oil in shampoo can make the shampoo a conditioner too!!! Try this…

5. Castor oil :

Castor oil the god of all hair related treatments is used for multiple remedies in hair related treatments. People often keep this oil in the last place due to its strong smell and stickiness. This oil is so thick, makes it very hard to apply to the scalp and hair. Rinsing this oil with some shampoo also requires about 2 – 3 washes. Castor oil is rich in Vitamin E and omega fats stimulate hair growth from the scalp. Regular application of this oil can grow new tiny hair on the balded scalp.

Regular use of this oil can grow hair long and dense. People who often suffer from sinusitis and cold should not keep this oil for more than 30 minutes in the head, as this can cause headaches and worsen the situation.

6. Mustard oil :

Mustard oil is thick in consistency (lighter than castor oil) and yellow. It has a strong smell which is the reason for ignoring this oil in our hair care routine. Many people are not aware of the benefits of mustard oil, that it could do for the hair. Applying and massaging warm mustard oil in the scalp increases the blood flow on the scalp and reduces the hair fall considerably. This also helps in stimulating the growth of new hair. People who hate the smell of mustard oil can mix this oil with any other oil and use it for hair massage.

Mustard oil will no its wonders for the brain if massaged in the scalp regularly. Since this increases the blood flow, or the brain gets enough oxygen which keeps it active all day.

7. Argan oil :

Argan oil is the lightest oil of the other oils listed here. This is the costliest one too. Pure argan oil costs much and can be used as a leave-in conditioner for hair. Argan oil, due to its light consistency, does not absorb dirt and dust from the environment. This nourishes the hair to the right amount and locks the moisture of the hair all long. This oil can soften the hair texture and makes it smooth with regular use.

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