How to choose a foundation?

How to choose a foundation

Makeup is not fulfilled without foundation in the face. Also, it is based on the entire makeup process. Foundation provides a base even tone for the face. This also gives a flawless finish on the face. This article can give you good insights on how to choose a foundation.

Select the type of foundation

Selecting the proper foundation for our face can help to complete our makeup like a pro. For instance, failing in this process results in ruining the entire makeover look. Also, it is important to choose the proper shade of the foundation. It should suit our skin type and needs. Selecting our foundation also depends on the desired outlook of the entire makeover process.

Based on the finish, the foundation is available on many bases. Some of them are

  • Liquid foundations
  • Creme based foundations
  • Stick foundations
  • powder foundation
  • Matte finish foundation
  • Tinted foundation

Based on the skin type, occasion, and desired outlook, types of foundations can be chosen.

Choose your coverage

In the first place, you have to concentrate on is the coverage of the makeover process. Based on the coverage, a foundation product can be classified into three different categories.

  • Medium coverage foundation
  • Medium to buildable coverage foundation
  • Full coverage foundation

Medium Coverage Foundation:

Medium coverage foundation gives light to medium coverage. If the face is already flawless and if it requires only a base canvas to work. These foundations are appropriate to opt for. Medium coverage foundation is suitable for daily wear for office and college goers, as it will not feel heavy on the face.

Medium to Buildable Coverage Foundation:

A medium to buildable coverage foundation is the one that gives medium coverage. It turns to a full coverage foundation when built on layers. In these foundations, the single-layer will not feel heavy and makes us feel like another layer of the skin.

Full Coverage Foundation:

Full coverage foundation covers all the flaws and imperfections in the skin. These foundations mostly felt heavy and can use for occasions and brides.

Know your undertone

Foundation also differs from the undertones of the human skin. There are two different undertones, warm and cool undertones. It is not good if a warm undertone skin covers with cool undertone based foundations. The undertone mismatches create an ashy look after some time.

How to find your undertone

The undertone color of the person is the vein color on their wrist.

Warm undertone:

Generally, Veins will be in green color. Warm undertone skin suits well with orange, red colors. The skin tone usually has a yellow-colored tint on it.

Cool undertone:

Generally, Veins look blue. So then, Cool undertone people blend well with blue, silver-colored outfits.

Neutral undertone:

Veins look neither blue nor green. For neutral undertones skin, both yellow-based shades and blue-based shades suit well.

Longevity and Quality of a foundation

The company of the product usually claims the longevity and quality of the foundation. It is better to have two foundations. One to use for a long time. Another for shorter occasions (3-4 hours). This longevity time includes the application of primer with proper pre-makeup skincare. Mostly a foundation, as a single product does not serve the claimed time.

Decide your range

Nowadays, the foundation is available in various ranges. First decide the price range, that we would like to spend on the product. Then select based on the skin type, undertone, uses, and quality of the foundation.

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