How to color correct your face?

how to color correct your face

Color correction is done to neutralize the face imperfections. As a result, the color correction process in makeover helps us to achieve flawless crystal clear faces. Also, it helps to hide the pimple marks, dark circles, pigmentation, red marks, and green veins. Therefore, a properly color corrected face gives a flawless base. However, this article gives a complete guide for how to color correct your face.

What is color correction?

To begin with, the color correction process is evolved from the concept of neutralizing contrast colors. Also, primary colors tend to neutralize with their opposite colors. If we did not correct and neutralize the color, then our foundation color may become grey and gives a weird look after completing the entire makeup.

Color correction guide

Here are the list of different color-corrector available in the market and their use.

ColorIssues to hide
GreenRed marks, redness, and blemishes
Blue / LavenderSwallowness and puffiness
Pink/Peachdarkness, dullness, dark spots, and blue veins for fair skin tones
Yellowdullness and ages spots for fair skin tone
Orangedarkness, dark circles, and pigmentation on wheatish to dusky skin tone
Reddarkness, dark circles, and pigmentation for deeper skin tones
Color-Correction Guide

Concealer to corrected-colors

Always use concealer with the same undertone as the skin tone on top of the color corrected places. Also, this prevents the foundation or product gets stuck and looks weird on the specific color corrected places.

How to color-correct the face?

  1. Prep your skin and apply primer if necessary.
  2. Dab a few drops of color-correction product on the required area and blend it with the beauty blender.
  3. Set the product with the setting powder.
  4. Apply a concealer of the same skin undertone on the color corrected place.
  5. Oily skin people can set the concealer with setting powder to avoid greasiness.

When to color correct?

The color correction process should be done once the face is prepped and after the application of the primer. Always leave about 3-4 minutes after the primer application.

Is it necessary to color-correct face?

Absolutely Not!!! If we are okay with the imperfections that we have, it is absolutely not necessary to color correct the face. But, without color correcting the base, the heavy makeup looks messy with imperfections and would make the complete makeover process into a bug disaster.

Mistakes of color correction !!!

  • Always use a beauty sponge to dab, when we layer our skin with color correctors. This holds the base products in their proper place to maintain and to stay.
  • Use a proper translucent or setting powder to set the color corrected place, to avoid greasiness. This trick gives amazing results for oily skin people.
  • Choose the color according to the issues. Failing this would lead to failing the purpose of color correction.
  • Always leave 2-4 minutes before and after the application of each step in the color correction.
  • Different color-correctors can be used on the same face. But make are that they are not overlapping each other.
  • While using more than me color-correctors, make sure to see different beauty blenders to blend the product on to the skin.

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